Thank you, California! Proposition 19 passes with a majority of California voters supporting YES on 19. Learn More.

Provides Housing Relief for Seniors, Families, Wildfire Victims & Vulnerable Populations

Generates Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Fire Protection, Local Government and Schools

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Proposition 19...


Yes on 19 is Good for Seniors, People with Severe Disabilities & Wildfire Victims

Prop 19 provides housing relief for homeowners who are 55 and older, people with severe disabilities, or victims of natural disasters and wildfires – many who cannot afford to move closer to family or medical care – by allowing them to transfer their property tax base to a replacement home that better meets their needs.


It also limits property tax increases and removes unfair location restrictions so homeowners can afford to move to anywhere in California.

Yes on 19 is Good for Families

Prop 19 protects the constitutional right for parents and grandparents to pass the family home to their children and grandchildren so they can afford to move into the home as their primary residence.

Prop 19 also opens housing inventory to make homes more readily available for first-time homeowners, families, and Californians throughout the state.


Yes on 19 is Good for Local Cities, Counties, and School Districts

Prop 19 generates up to hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for cities, counties and schools without a tax rate increase. This is at a time when local municipalities and schools are facing huge budget deficits and the additional revenue can help with funding schools, emergency services, public safety, homeless and housing programs.

The revenue is generated by closing loopholes used by out-of-state investors, non-California residents, and trust fund heirs to avoid paying their fair share of taxes on vacation homes, beachfront rentals, and investment property.  The Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates billions in annual losses from these loopholes.

Yes on 19 is Good for Fire Protection

Prop 19 provides reliable funding for fire protection to protect millions of homes and lives across the state that cannot be raided – with funds for historically underfunded fire districts in rural and urban communities. 


Yes on 19 is Good for California Farmers & Ranchers

Prop 19 provides tax relief for California’s family farms and ranches that better protects generational farming for years to come. 

The Opportunity is Now

As our state faces unique challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and California’s growing housing crisis, we need real, workable solutions like Proposition 19 - The Home Protection for Seniors, Severely Disabled, Families, and Victims of Wildfire or Natural Disasters Act - to help our state recover. 

Prop 19 provides housing relief for homeowners, seniors and vulnerable populations while increasing housing availability for new families and first-time home buyers. It will also generate the funding to help fill significant budget deficits, and generate billions in revenue for schools, state, and local government. 

The time is now to vote Yes on 19 to help California recover, and emerge stronger than before.


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